Our IT Consultancy Services

Ordiges publishes solutions in which the business element is essential and a core priority. That’s why Ordiges has developed a dedicated, high value-added IT support consultancy to meet customers’ expectations and ensure that their needs are heard.

Thanks to a team of dynamic consultants and over four decades of experience, Ordiges has compiled a unique set of best practices. They are now available to the entire market, including organisations which are not Ordiges software customers.

Discover our services


Our consultants help you implement our software packages, from installation to integration, configuration, and customisation.


To keep ensure that your solutions maintain top efficiency and operability, we offer annual maintenance packs tailored to your needs.


We offer custom consulting packages, with options including:

  • Accounting
  • Process management
  • Legal approaches
  • Audits
  • Custom recommendations 
  • Training on your site & e-learning


A support team is available to meet your needs for technical & functional assistance.