MyDigiFlat: dedicated tenant relations web portal for social housing

Our latest solution, MyDigiFlat, developed through co-innovation with our customers, is designed to optimise the relationship between social housing authorities and their tenants, on both the front and back office sides. Offer your tenants a friendly digital interface in web or app format, available 24/7 so they can independently manage all their data & requests.

Make room for a new approach to CRM that can enhance your relationship with your social housing tenants thanks to a secure and easy-to-use web portal!

Discover our solution

Improved internal processes

No more lines at the housing authority office

Less stress for employees

Independent & satisfied tenants


Improved interactivity and traceability


e-id / it’sme login and access security


Tenant data management

Have your tenants manage and modify their own personal data


  • Personal data viewing & management (general information, bank details, household members & income)
  • Simplified data entry with customisable dynamic forms
  • Case management: household composition and income fluctuation
  • Integrated approval system
  • Linked to your rental management ERP

Registration management

Simplify housing requests and other procedures with online forms


  • Registration form for new members or relocation requests
  • Integrated preferential ranking system based on a dynamic questionnaire
  • Application approval/rejection management within the authorised scope

Tenancy contract management

Facilitate and control management of your tenants’ contracts


  • View all contracts for each household (housing unit, parking space, garage, etc.)
  • Change request authorisation with an approval system
  • Contract data management and/or modification

Utility management

Enjoy optimised utility management thanks to process automation


  • Data entry for tenants’ utility data (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
  • Automated updates to tenant utility usage data from the back-office
  • Data customisation to meet the housing authority’s needs

Payment management

Improve and simplify management of your tenants’ online payments


  • Customisable payment management
  • Online payment option for tenants
  • Payment plan authorization requests
  • Linked to your accounting ERP
  • Financial situation overview

Administrative and technical request management

Increase your efficiency by digitalizing tenant requests


  • Unique forms and structure tailored to fit the housing authority
  • Simplified request process with an automatic form filler
  • Request management using customisable categories
  • Overview of all current requests by tenant
  • Tenant relations management based on a directory of contacts
  • Process for request acceptance by the housing authority
  • Getting in touch is easier with an emergency number

Back Office

Manage your back office data thanks to links to your tenant portal


  • Request processing and modification management
  • Integrated alert system for task management
  • System configuration
  • User access management
  • Dynamic form creation and management