Ask&Go One

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Ask&Go One : the package for an 1st e-purchasing experience

Ask&Go One, our starter offer, is the only non-rigid, customized and ready-to-use solution on the market. Based on the best practices of the industry and Artificial Intelligence, we guarantee a fast implementation within a maximum of 8 to 12 weeks.  Our purchase-to-pay suite allows you to simplify the user experience. You will be able to quickly activate additional functionalities according to your use.

At stake : the respect of the best practices thanks to a 100% digital solution, fully adaptable to your needs, to reach a ROI of less than 6 months.

Discover Ask&Go One

Why choose our purchase-to-pay solution- Ask&Go One ? 

Cost reduction

Visibility and effective budget planning

100% secured Cloud

Suppliers rationalisation

Interdepartmental collaboration


Process optimization - Approval processes


Start to professionalize your purchases today with our Ask&Go One offer

Le pack starter

Purchase Requests

Simplify the purchasing experience thanks to the integration of an internal e-commerce portal powered by your internal and external catalogs. Your employees will quickly find the products and services they need in just a few clicks.

Purchase request
Purchase receipe

Purchase Orders & Receipts

Automate the creation of purchase orders by using standard requests with specific processes (based on contracts, …).

Configure your receipt process, whether partial or total, thanks to a 3-level control (physical, qualitative, quantitative).

Budgetary follow-up

Easily control and manage your budgets with an integrated accounting engine. Monitor current and forecasted expenses through budgetary control (with integrated alerts) in order to raise internal consumer awareness and to respect allocated budgets.

Spend management


Reduce invoice cycle time by automating the data entry coming from the information held within the request-order-receipt process. Automatically handle invoices according to a well-defined process with the ability to check requests, orders, receipts, contracts and related projects in only one click.

“There is only one version of each budget now. The Ask&Go system contributes to the empowerment of employees in managing their own budgets. Everyone is aware of what budget they have and what they can spend.”
Marc Declerck

Financial Controller, Crelan

Ask&Go One – your all-in-one & 100% customized purchase-to-pay suite

Simple and compliant digital experience

  • Improved purchasing experience, by empowering them on the value of corporate purchasing.
  • Eliminate non-compliant costs.
  • Increased traceability and control of your spend through approval channels.
  • Centralization of data.

Data transparency

  • Complete transparency of your data through the integration of strict controls that are adaptable to your business.
  • Clean and unified data for your procure-to-pay activities.
  • Visibility and planning of your purchases and budgets. 

Direct gains

Smart and optimal savings with a

gain of 3% to 6% on your expenses.

Indirect gains

  • 20% less costs for the processing of purchase orders. 

  • 40% less risk of procedural errors. 
  • 90% less processing costs per purchase line.

Accelerate your digital procurement transformation with Ask&Go One