Ask&Go Public

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Ask&Go Public: the dedicated IT solution for public procurement

Ordiges offers the first public sector procure-to-pay solution to include both public tender management and cost control. Ask&Go Public combines Ordiges’ expertise in purchasing and public procurement to optimise your purchasing processes while ensuring that you stay legally compliant.

It brings you easier, optimised and fully digital control of your purchasing procedures..

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Legal Compliance


Approval workflow that can be configured to fit your organisation


Transparency & links to the public procurement process


Automated, professional purchasing

Cost optimisation

Rights & sharing management

Integrated Ressources

Identify, monitor and assess your suppliers and guarantee the quality of service your organisation receives


Anticipate, track, compare and analyse your budget based on your planned purchases and actual spending


Manage, implement and proactively monitor your contracts in line with all the applicable regulations


Optimise your competitive intelligence to get the best value for money and the shortest lead times. Monitor your RFIs, RFPs and RFQs


Manage all of your stocks by warehouse, as well as replenishment proposals


Create and customise your reports with our report generator based on Spend Intelligence

Ask&Go purchase software request

Request portal

Manage all your purchase requests simply and easily


  • Internal e-commerce type site
  • Internal and external catalogue viewing (web catalogues, OCI, punch out)
  • Multi-criteria semantic search engine
  • Purchasing classification tool based on the European CPV
  • Catalogue-, contract- and stock-based requests
  • Stock on hand
  • Cart-based purchase request management
  • Rule-based request generator
  • Request tracking & history
  • Budget & accounting verification

Need identification

Develop a purchasing programme in compliance with the applicable regulations


  • Needs submitted by operational departments in year N-1
  • Purchasing programme developed by setting priorities and selecting procedures
  • Planned purchase document drafted for approval by the purchasing & financial departments
  • Provisional threshold calculation generated using procurement vocabulary codes
Rencesement des besoins, planification d'un marché public
Publication d'un marché public

Calls to tender & Analyses

Prepare and implement the entire procure-to-pay process using best practices


  • Sign the contract in line with the project approach
  • Draft your contract-related documents (cost estimates, inventories, reports, letters, special specifications, etc.)
  • Electronic publication
  • Preview your publications
  • Customisable tender analysis system (selection criteria)

Award of contracts

Go paperless and automate tender selection


  • Contract award rules based on the approach used
  • Contract award and rejection letters sent
  • Contract award report generation
  • Supplier contract creation
  • Contract data tracking & publication
Attribution des contrats publics
Purchase software – Ask&Go – Orders

Order management

Generate orders in line with your budget and accounting rules


  • Collaborative workspace for purchasing file management
  • Purchase order generation from multiple requests
  • Reconciliation with requests and suppliers
  • Faster data entry thanks to data pre-filling based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Purchase order approval workflow
  • Budget and encumbrance verification
  • Supplier monitoring and reminders

Acceptance management

Perform acceptance inspections on your purchases to ensure they match your order


  • 3 levels of acceptance: physical, quality and quantity
  • Partial or total acceptance
  • Reconciliation of acceptances with orders & invoices
  • Multi-warehouse management
  • Return processing
  • Stock-in/stock-out
Ask&Go purchase software acceptance


Automate your invoice management process, from receipt to booking


  • Automatic reconciliation with the order, acceptance and contract
  • Electronic invoice imports
  • Detailed entries generated based on acceptances or orders
  • Payment and partial payment management
  • Option to stop the invoicing process
  • Integrated dispute opening & tracking
  • Electronic invoice archiving