Our add-on modules

Ordiges has developed a range of add-on modules that can be integrated into any ERP to optimise your procedures: SRM, e-invoicing & expense account management

SRM - gestion des fournisseurs

Supplier Relations Management

Generate long-term savings and ensure that your contracts and investments are compliant thanks to better management of your supplier relationships. The dedicated SRM module for referencing and collaboration brings you increased efficiency and a unique holistic view of your activities and supplier spending

  • Proactive supplier data & contract management
  • A holistic view of your suppliers to enable risk anticipation and management using performance indicators, satisfaction surveys, certificates, and progress plans.

Electronic invoice management

Our solution for automation and digitalization of the entire supplier invoice process, from receipt to booking. The e-invoice module automatically generates your invoice data using e-invoice imports, processing, and data linking and injection, as well as invoice approval and booking.

  • A rule-based system which can be configured by supplier to automate account entries based on the invoice data
  • Artificial Intelligence automatically fills in accounting data
  • Integrated approval workflows
  • Order/acceptance matching
gestion des notes de frais

Expense account management

Digitalize and optimise management of your employees’ expenses with an expense approval system featuring integrated budget control and expense & advance authorisation management for the public & non-profit sectors.

  • Expense pre-authorisation requests with integrated budget control
  • Expense advance requests
  • Reimbursement requests using electronic receipts
  • Manage rights and configure authorised expense types and limits for each profile
  • Account entry generator
  • Integrated approval workflows