Who are we ?

In a digital changing world, ours solutions constitute a key asset for the effective operation of our customers’ organisation. Good management of the flow of information should circulates to respect the current rules, to improve theirs tools and reduce theirs costs. That is why, we offer solutions to professionals that are effective and rigorous for the daily management of their organisation, and which respect the latest regulations and are of cutting-edge technology.

Ours values


Are the keywords of Ordiges. The Ordiges’ ecosystem gathers its customers, its partners and its employees around a vertical know-know from 40 years of experiences. We combine our ambition with responsible ethics and respect for the customer. Our relationship and our passion guarantee to our customers a support without defect to answer at theirs goals.

Ordiges makes a range :

years of experiences

European customers

% of turnover invested in research and development by year

professionals at your service

Our history

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Ordiges creation

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Ordiges becomes a publisher of software and launch his first products : PIA & Lord

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Launch of EPM : software for spend and purchase management.

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Upgrade of EPM : contractmanagement, inventory and budget control

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Ordiges establishes in France

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Launch LIA : public sector procurement software

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EPM becomes Ask&Go

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New partnership in Poland with the company Arisco, publisher and supplier of it solutions

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Launch of digital portal for social housing’s costumers : MyDigiFlat



Ordiges, human-size company, with more than 90 employees, reunited around a same goal : to improve the performance of our costumers thanks to our solutions based on feedback from costumers. With a huge business expertise. Ordiges continues to growth up in hiring new co-workers with the same mission. Check all job offers and join our team.