Ours partnerships

To accelerate its growth, Ordiges is constantly looking for new partners, distributors and / or integrator for its software packages. You work with Financial Directors, management controllers and risk managers ?

You want to give them a vision and highly value generating solutions ? Ordiges offers to its partners a marketing, sales and technical support that allows them to develop an attractive environment for themselves and their clients.

Ordiges offers to theirs partners a full support that allows you to develop an attractive environment for your clients.

Become the next partner of Ordiges

Join Ordiges ecosystem


Get the best advice from experts regarding tools and information to help you to develop de next software for business management.


Reinforce your products range thanks to a partnership with an IT European specialist


Optimise the quality of your products through a cooperative agreement which will allow you a connection and integration of the Ordiges solutions

Our distributor partner


The Arisco company is located in Poland since 1989 as publisher and distributor of software for public sector. Since 2016, Arisco is a distributor partner of LIAweb software specialized in public procurement management.

Ours business partners


EQUAL-PARTNERS, expert in legal area ensures the compliance of ours IT solutions in agreement with the new legislation and reform of the public order.


MEDSOC working on IT services intended for hospitals for 30 years : administration management, invoicing, accounting, purchase management and payroll system.

Ours IT and technological partners


ATEXO is a software publisher for public sector. It develops a “Local Trust” software packages which allows to administration to manage theirs functions and theirs skills, to dematerialize and optimize theirs internal processes.

Vanilla partenariat

BPM CONSEIL developed the Vanilla platform which manage the treatments of business data from source application to final restitutions. The platform allows to create decisional tools as reporting, performance indicators, dashboard…

Vanilla partenariat

ISABEL SA is a first line company who offer to consumers, to enterprises and to banks some software as well as some services to manage theirs values chain finance.

microsoft partenariat

MICROSOFT is a major multinational IT developing and proposing some operating systems and bureaucratic software.

microsoft partenariat
oracle partenariat

ORACLE is an expert in cloud applications, creator of platform and production like the Oracle Database software specialized on the data management