gestion des marchés publics

LiaWeb: public sector procurement software 

Identify, plan, monitor and implement your public procurement process with complete legal certainty, thanks to user-friendly interfaces that guide you step-by-step. LiaWeb features full legal clause generators which are regularly updated by Equal Partners, a top law firm and a leader in public procurement law.

LiaWeb, a high-performing digital solution designed for teamwork to simplify management of your procure-to-pay cycle!

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Task and workload management

User-friendly collaborative platform


Automated, professional public procurement processes

Document management and adjustable dynamic viewer

Available in the cloud

Rights & sharing management

Integrated resources


Ensure that all your documents are compliant, with a regulatory database which is continually updated by business experts

Contract Management

Manage, implement and proactively monitor your contracts in line with all the applicable regulations

Identify, track and assess your suppliers and guarantee the quality of service your organisation receives

Need identification

Anticipate your need one year in advance using a procurement vocabulary which brings together functional units and public works, by fiscal year

Customised documents

Customise and modify all of your document production by extracting and reloading documents in text format

Social features

Communicate, share information, and facilitate discussions on each project using a system of alerts, tags, comments, etc

Rensement des besoins

Project-based approach

Manage your projects efficiently, in line with the applicable regulations


  • Identification of needs
  • Multi-year purchase planning
  • Detailed task planning with an integrated alert system
  • Detailed task planning with an integrated alert system
  • Choice of procedure and public procurement process type
  • Integrated approval workflows that comply with the regulations and your internal procedures
  • Blocking verification and consistency tool


Draft all your documents step-by-step to fit the procurement type selected


  • Automated document drafting (cost estimates, inventories, reports, letters, special specifications, etc.) for all types of government procurement
  • Cost estimate/inventory production based on external catalogues
  • Step-by-step guidance using a question/answer system
  • Clauses can be customised to meet internal needs
  • Special Specifications templates for easier secure document production
  • Copy of your special specifications with regulatory verification
rédaction des pièces techniques , cahier spécial des charge, marchés publics
Publication des marchés publics

Electronic publication

Automate your public tender notices and meet the regulatory deadlines


  • Notification management based on information already entered in the project
  • Automated tender submission deadlines
  • Electronic tender notice distribution (XML flow)
  • E-sender approved
  • Publication previews

Tender analysis & award of contract

Go paperless and automate tender selection

  • Automated document production
  • Integrated e-DUME
  • Send contract award and rejection letters
  • Contract award report generation
Phases d'attribution d'un marché public, analyse des offres
suivi de l'exécution d'un marché public

Contract implementation

Monitor technical and financial contract implementation from start to finish


  • Implementation rules based on the project approach
  • Automatic calculation of spend per contractor
  • Administrative, technical and financial monitoring
  • Contract and amendment creation and management


Choose from the standard reports and integrate your custom reports


  • Project and contract monitoring dashboard
  • Reports based on Business Intelligence
  • Option to integrate custom reports
  • Summary by project or contract
rapports spécifiques pour les marchés publics
GED, Archivage électronique

Electronic archiving

Archive your documents in full legal compliance


  • Document centralisation with a versioning system
  • Document centralisation with a versioning system
  • Simplified search for contractors & completed contracts
  • Classification plan and meta-data