Social housing management


A dedicated ERP for social housing 

LORD, a full ERP system and the Belgian market leader, has offered social housing authorities full control of their property and rental management for over three decades. With our interface, you can optimise your back-office management thanks to a full range of features and process automation.

LORD is designed to simplify & manage all your rentals


  • Simplify candidate management
  • Track tenants’ moves with a high-performance CRM application
  • View & centralise all of your properties in a single system
  • Efficiently manage all subcontractor services
  • Optimise management of your transactions and physical and financial assets
  • Configure third-party payer management in line with your organisation’s unique needs
  • Control purchasing with a simplified stock replenishment process
  • Automatically bring your personal data management practices in line with the GDPR


Financial ERP and accounting software for the public sector & non-profits

PIAi, a scalable, modular accounting & financial ERP, can be configured to fit your public or semi-public institution on hospital. Our market-leading solution, which is tailor-made for budgetary, accounting and financial management, features an array of modules designed to support your organisation’s financial health.

No more worries about optimising your accounting, PIAi does it for you! 


  • Manage your transactions in compliance with the latest regulations
  •  Aim for budgetary excellence with our transparent & high-performing predictive tools
  • Enjoy dynamic control of all your supplier contracts
  • Guarantee that all your purchases & expenses are justified
  • Control your costs with a simplified stock replenishment process
  • Configure third-party payer management in line with your organisation’s unique needs
  • Optimally manage your physical and financial assets in real time
  • Easily implement full invoicing process automation
Accounting & financial management