Coozy S2i

gestion des inventaires

Coozy S2i: inventory management software

Coozy S2I is a simple, flexible, scalable software programme that can professionally and intuitively optimise your initial and periodic inventories, with or without a barcode scanner. Developed by business experts, our solution meets all your professional needs to bring you precise, exhaustive inventories in just a few clicks.

S2i: the digital solution to take on your inventory challenges!

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Faster inventories


A single, customisable repository

Global view of your assets

Increased efficiency

Unlimited number of users


Ready-to-use software

asset management S2i

Asset management

Inventory of all your assets for a centralised view in a single application


  • Add, edit, copy and/or delete assets
  • Export assets by type
  • View assets that are current, deleted or have been moved
  • Global view of the data on an asset: general, characteristics, history
  • Link one or more documents or photos to an asset
  • Multi-format data imports

Inventory management

Design all your inventories to meet your needs


  • Initial, permanent or periodic inventory creation
  • Unlimited hierarchical classification of assets and locations
  • Unlimited assignment of characteristics to assets and locations
  • Asset status entry (defective, missing, etc.)
  • Inventory automatically sent to a mobile device
  • View inventories that are in progress, processed and/or deleted
Inventory Management S2I
Fast, direct searches for information s2i

Fast, direct searches for information

Easily access information thanks to a full set of search tools


  • 3 asset search methods: multi-criteria, tree structure, and/or quick search
  • Simplified searches with automatic filters
  • Status- and/or type-based inventory system

Configuration system

Customise your interface to fit your approach


  • Management of users linked to assets
  • History of asset movements
  • Asset and/or location tree structure creation and customisation
  • Process management: progress for periodic management (done and to be done)
  • Rights and multi-lingual user profile management
configuration system S2I
Reporting S2i


Optimise management of your inventories with statistics you can customise to fit your activity


  • Report customisation based on state, category, location, status, etc.
  • Global view of your inventory